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Something’s Gotta Give


All Time Low‘s new single, Something’s Gotta Give which is part of their upcoming album entitled Future Hearts, came out yesterday and it’s music video was released a few hours ago. If you’ve been reading or a follower of my blog, you already know that I’m a HUGE fan of ATL. If not, well now you know. Anyway the single kinda reminds of their old song, Therapy. But the new one is more upbeat and lively while Therapy is slower and you can really feel the emotion there.

imageThe photo above contains some of Therapy’s lyrics. It tells us that even if people look so happy, they are not. They’re just pretending. The word “therapy” refers to someone or something that depresses the person even more than helping him. But that’s how I understand the song.


I couldn’t find any fan art for this since it was released recently so I just took a screenshot. Sorry for the quality


And this one are some of the lyrics from Something’s Gotta Give. This one tells us that the person can’t handle whatever he’s going through and is asking for someone’s help to “pull him out from the shadow of his doubt”.

Both songs tell us the struggle of being from misery and depression and that we can’t do it alone. Even if we try to, it will be hard and along the way, we know that we need someone who could help us.


I don’t know what the true meaning of Something’s Gotta Give yet and what I said earlier is my understanding of the song. Guess we’ll have to wait to what Alex will say about it.

PS. To know more about All Time Low and listen to Therapy and Something’s Gotta Give, just click the highlighted parts above.