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You are worth it

I used think that I’m the lowest of the low. That I’m at the bottom of the social pyramid or I’m simply not worth it.

I’m not saying this to get anyones attention or pity because if I do, then I should’ve posted pitiful updates when I first started. I’m saying this because I know that a lot of people feels that way.

They feel like nobody cares about them, or they aren’t smart, funny or as good-looking as the people around them. They don’t feel that they are worth anything. As if they were just put here on earth to suffer. And the only way they can cope with this is turning to self-harm, drugs, alcohol or worst, taking their own lives.

What infuriates me the most is that other people are making fun of them because of this. Instead of helping them to be better, they choose to urge them to continue whatever they are doing. Some would even say “go ahead and kill yourself” which is so not cool. What if they did kill themselves? Would that make you feel better? Of course it won’t. It was taken seriously even if you mean it as a joke. SELF-HARM AND SUICIDE JOKES ARE NOT FUNNY.

Anyway, if you’re the kind of person going through this, just remember that YOU ARE WORTH IT. No matter how other people degrades you. Just keep your chin up and ignore all those negative people. If you feel like you want to cut yourself, listen to “Hold On Till May” by Pierce The Veil. Personally, that song makes me happy whenever I feel sad. Just give it a try.

And if you know someone who is going through this, cheer them up. Talk and listen to them. That’s what they need. Someone who would listen to them without feeling a burden. If they start to cry, hold their hand, hug them and tell them that everything’s going to be fine. It just needs time.

If none of that works and you feel like falling down, look up. He’s looking down at you and thinking, “That’s my child. My brave, brave child”. He knows that you can get through that depression because He believes that you are strong. You are His child, and all His children are strong and brave. But if you can’t handle all the pain and problems anymore, surrender them to Him. He will take care of everything. Just believe. Everything will be okay.



Obviously this post is all about my rant about a certain topic. Everything stated here are just my opinion and (some) irrational thoughts which, I know , are bad but as of now I really don’t care.

So you know how you feel when you really like something and someone starts liking that thing, then starts stating their “opinion” about it? And that opinion doesn’t make any sense at all because they haven’t even known that thing for a long time and you just feel really pissed off? Well that’s what I’m feeling right now. Let me tell you how it started.

Ever since I was in third year high school, I’ve been a fan of a punk-rock band called All Time Low (I know I’ve said this before but this is an important part of what I’m going to point out). I know a lot of things about them. Then when I was in senior high, I became a fan of Pierce The Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, We Are The In Crowd and many more. I liked them not just because of their music but also because of their personality, and I would defend their name no matter what.

Since I like those bands and almost everything in the punk-rock world, I’m really overprotective about it. I know it’s kind of stupid to care about people who doesn’t even know that you exist but I don’t care. They make me feel alive and happy with their music.

Then there’s this person (whom I shall call Jay) who decided to download songs of those bands. As the die-hard punk-rocker I am, I suggested a band and Jay said “I’m going to be certified rocker”. But there’s this feeling that I don’t want Jay to like those bands. They’re like my secrets. I know it’s selfish but again, I don’t care. Back to the story. So Jay and I had a talk about it and as we were talking, I felt this anger building up inside of me. It’s because of what Jay said. She said “I like ATL better because they sound like The Script” (yes, Jay is a girl). In my head, I’m like “What did you just say? They sound like The Script? Don’t you know that they’re not even in the same genre?”. But of course I didn’t say that out loud because I might offend her. And so a while ago, we had another talk and she said, “I don’t like some of PTV’s songs because I can’t understand them” -(non-verbatim). I explained what their songs meant to her and she understood what I was trying to tell her. But then she went on to rant about Bring Me The Horizon and Suicide Silence. How their songs are impossible to understand and that some of their band art are devilish or something like that. I can’t really remember because at that moment, I was trying to control my temper. (Fact: I get easily mad when you talk crap about the things and people that matter to me). Then I said “Punk bands are so much better than mainstream bands”. That’s my opinion. Jay was like, “But The Script is still my favorite” and again, in my head, I’m like “Yeah. Right. Whatever”. Then she left.

I was really pissed off after that conversation because (1) she listens to those bands then she talks crap about them, (2) she doesn’t even know a bloody thing about them aside from their music and what she sees and (3) I wasn’t even able to rant about what she just said.

I know that I’m also at fault here but “stating your opinion” can sometimes offend other people. Although everyone is entitled to express their opinion doen’t mean you have to give them all the time. It’s better to shut your mouth than to piss off someone.

Genre Dilemma

I listen to punk-rock music since I was in junior high until now. All Time Low, Pierce The Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, We Are The In Crowd and Paramore are some of the bands I listen to. I love them so much, not just because of their music but also because of their personality.

Sure they curse a lot, they take pictures of themselves witny artist or band is loved by their fans for different reasons. Maybe it’s the way their music calms you down or the way their smile melts your heart or simply because their childish behaviors put a smile on your face.

I admit, I used to bash on other artists like Justin Bieber and One Direction because a part of the fandom does it. But I found that hating them doesn’t make me a better person nor does it make my favorites bands any better them. I knew what it felt like when someone says something bad about the bands I love. It made me angry, disgusted and I got hurt. So I stopped hating on those artists.

“Stop bashing on what you hate and start spreading what you love” – I read this somewhere but I couldn’t remember.