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My best shot so far


Chachi Gonzales

I just wanna share this awesome shot I took of Chachi Gonzales last Friday (May 29, 2015). If you don’t know who Chachi is, she’s the youngest member of a dance crew named IaMmE, which was the champion of America’s Best Dance Crew Season 6. She recently visited the Philippines to hold a 2-day workshop for aspiring dancers and to judge the Jug Thug World Dance Off here in Manila along side actor and choreographer, Misha Gabriel and the founder of Dance 2 Dance in Switzerland Andrew, Veluz.

How did I get that shot? Well I went to where they held the workshop and luckily found a nice spot to shoot since the place was an open area. To be honest, the picture above surprised me. While Chachi went to the side of the stage (where I was standing but like 10 feet away) to take a quick drink, she looked at my direction and smiled like that. I almost didn’t caught that because when she looked and smiled, my heart just jumped, my knees felt weak and my body just wanted to melt! I’m just happy I summoned enough energy to push the button of my camera. It was my first time to use my camera in public since I just got it like a couple of weeks ago. Anyway, I have like a hundred photos of Chachi, Misha and Andrew but I can’t upload them right now. Mainly because we have slow internet connection. So yeah, that’s pretty much it. I just wanna share this even though this is like the third place I put that picture up.