Time to be a BETTER YOU

Everyone loves the new year. The time when they can start fresh and make new year’s resolution that most of us can’t finish. But for me, new year isn’t just the time to do better. It is the time TO BE BETTER.

We all made mistakes in the past year or years before, but the coming of a new year inspires people. Inspires them to change for the better and take on the challenges that life has to offer. But the inspiration that some people feel lasts only for a month or two. And it’s just sad to think that they quickly lose the motivation to be a better version of themselves. That may also be the reason why most of us can’t fulfill our new year’s resolution.

What we need is a correct mindset. A mindset that not only motivates us, but can influence other people. The trick is that we need to have a positive outlook, but also keeping in mind the obstacles that will come our way. Keeping that mindset despite the negative things other people throw at you will make you a better and happier person.

If there may come a time that you feel that you can’t resolve a problem or experience unexpected twists and turns, just trust Him. Have faith and always remember that He knows the plans He has for you. The challenges that you will experience will turn you into a better person.

As for your new year’s resolution, don’t list things that you promised to do in the past years. Start from small things. If you want to be fitter, don’t say “I’m going to exercise for 1hour everyday” or “I’ll eat less” because you know to yourself that you can’t. Instead, say that you’ll exercise for 20minutes a day or you’ll eat less unhealthy food. If you want to get good grades, don’t say “I’ll study harder”, but say “I’ll study better”. Some say that studying for 50minutes with a 5-minute break in between is an effective way of studying. Or start a study group. Studying in groups can help you better understand the things you need to learn.

Achieving small things leads to achieving bigger things. And for me, that makes you a better person.

But remember that even if it’s not the start of a new year, you can still make a fresh start. Change is a slow process and if you are determined to be a better version of yourself, you won’t mind how long it will take because in the end, you know it will be worth it.

Have a blessed and prosperous new year everyone!


It’s Christmas Time

Just a few more hours until Christmas. Everyone’s already preparing for Noche Buena which they will spend with their friends and family. Truly, Christmas is the best time to be with your loved ones and be happy. But as the years pass by, it seems like we have forgotten what Christmas is about.

As a tradition in the Philippines, when the -ber months finally kick in everyone starts putting up beautiful Christmas decorations in their homes, buildings and even on the streets. Some would even start going shopping to buy gifts to avoid the holiday rush and heavy traffic. Then, on the 24th of December, everyone will gather with their friends and family to wait for the 25th and start eating the food they have prepared for hours.

But this isn’t what Christmas is. It’s not about the gifts nor food. It’s about spending time with the people you love the most, enjoying their company and just living. But more importantly, Christmas is about remembering the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Without Him there wouldn’t even be Christmas, and we wouldn’t be alive. Okay. The latter may not be true but the former is. We should remember and give thanks for the things He has done and will do for us. The life, blessings and happines He has given us. Christmas is about JESUS CHRIST. Let us celebrate this holiday by spreading the word that Jesus is born and be amazed in His glory.

Have a very Merry Christmas everyone!

Hanging On

Someday, I’m going to breakdown. All the frustration, stress and worries will eventually consume me to the point that I can’t hold it back anymore. I try to be the strong person that everyone knows. But despite the courage, there’s a little kid at the back of my mind, too vulnerable that a single angry glare will make her cry. I try to hide her. But there are times that she escapes, trying oh-so hard to get away. But she can’t. I could never let her go. The thought of my inner weakness facinates and scares me all at the same time. It brings me comfort, knowing that I’m weak just like other people. But it frightens me, knowing that I could be the weakest person there is. I know I have to let her go, let it all go but I’m scared of what would happen if I did. They say I should take courage. It isn’t easy, you know? Getting comfortable about everything. Going the easy way and just playing safe. Away from all those worries. What I don’t understand is that why am I frustrated all the time? So stressed, so worried? Is it because of that little girl in my head? Oh God, please help me. When the time I finally breakdown and just let all that emotion fill me, please help me get throught it. I’ll cry till my eyes can no longer produce tears, scream till my throat hurts and I might even hurt myself. I just hope someone would come along and take it all away. But for now, I’m just going to hang on till the day when I finally breakdown and release it all. Maybe then I could be genuinely happy. Just like the little kid used to be.

BloggedIn: ASEAN

The first ASEAN Blogathon was held last November 15, from 1pm to 10pm at A Space Manila. It is a social media-led conference featuring talks about ASEAN Citizenship and engaging users in a Blogathon.

BloggedIn: ASEAN, as stated earlier, is a social media-led conference that gathered 100 young influencers from Manila to hear about the most important and thought-provoking issues surrounding the upcoming ASEAN Integration.

After a series of bite-sized talks, the delegates were given four (4) hours to research, write, and design a blog containing an ASEAN issue they care about.

The winners will be determined by the content of their blogs [50%] and the number of views on their blog [50%].

Learn more about what BloggedIn: ASEAN is about through their Facebook page and website (links are at the bottom).

Of course, I’m not only writing this blog for you to know what BloggedIn: ASEAN is all about. I’m also doing this to promote the entry that came from some Journalism students of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

The representatives are Queenie Vinluan, Sheela Orosa, Nikka Valenzuela, Mary Paulene San Miguel and Ria Consuelo Mendoza also known as TEAM KKIBB. They already won the first criteria, which is the content of their blog. That means they are the FIRST EVER BloggedIn: ASEAN CHAMPIONS. They brought pride to our university and overcame the struggle of competing againts some of the elite schools in the country.

But the contest doesn’t stop there. Since the internet connection on the venue crashed, the delegates were given another week to make their blogs viral. They have until November 23 to do it. So why not make Team KKIBB win all the way, right? You can help Team KKIBB win by simple clicking the link (TEAM KKIBB) below. 1 click = 1 vote

Blogged:In ASEAN website: http://www.bloggedinasean.com

BloggedIn: ASEAN Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/BloggedInASEAN

TEAM KKIBB: http://www.bloggedinasean.com/news/kkibb

Read If You Dare

It’s Halloween! Everybody’s wearing their costumes, children are trick or treating and some are throwing Halloween parties. But if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t do those kinds of things and would rather stay at home and surf the net, well I have just the perfect thing for you. Just so you won’t lose the spirit of Halloween, I highly recommend you to like Read If You Dare (RIYD) on Facebook. From the title itself, you know that you are going to have the scariest night of your life. Well sort of.

The page posts anything that would make chill ran up your spine. From creepypastas, rituals (I don’t think you should attempt to do those), to things that are weirdly and creepily (is there such a word?) true. It isn’t only active on Halloween but all year round.

It is ran by a Filipina admin who goes by the name “evil.doll” and she addresses her fans as “creeps”. Despite her alias, evil.doll hasn’t done anything illegal or purely evil. She has a job by the day and updates her page at night. There isn’t really anytime for her to do illegal things, is there? Nope. No time at all. And she even anwers to you if you send her a message or tweet.

I’ve been addicted to this page for some time now and I’m still sane. I swear. And I still have my faith despite the things I’ve read here.

So here’s the link for it:

And here’s the Twitter account of the page:

(Note: This may contradict my previous posts but it’s Halloween. This is the perfect time to post this. Just bear with me.)

8th G12 Philippines National Conference: The Awakening

The 8th G12 Philippines National Conference was held at the World Trade Center, Pasay City on October 29-30. It was a gathering of different churches all over the Philippines that have taken the G12 vision.

Pastors all over the world have come for this event along with their family. Namely:

Pastor Cesar Castellanos and his wife, Pastor Claudia Castellanos from Colombia

Pastor Rich Witmer from Arizona

Pastor Bert Pretorius and his two sons, Pastor Pearson Pretorius and Damian Pretorius from South Africa

Pastor Art Sepulveda from Hawaii

and Pastor Simon Lee from Hawaii.

Pastors from all over the country came, too. Namely:

Bishop Oriel Ballano from Manila

Bishop Felix Labang from Cavite

Bishop Jonathan Sebastian from Quezon City

Bishop Frank Santos from Tarlac

Pastor Carlo Panlilio from Quezon City

Pastor Rafy Panlilio from Caloocan

Pastor Alvin Venzon from Bataan

Pastor Noli Opiniano from Tacloban

Pastor Ruffy Lagat from Davao

Pastor Herly Montes from Davao

and Pastor Nonon Orjaleza from Butuan.

The event was attended by thousands of delegates, both old and young, rich and poor, far and near all for the glory of God.

You can watch the event here:


Know more about the G12 Vision here:

G12 Philippines – https://m.facebook.com/g12philippines?__tn__=C

G12 Official – https://m.facebook.com/visiong12?fc=f&showPageSuggestions&_rdr

To God be all the glory!

Recommended Reading: “Platforms Are Overrated”

The Daily Post

When you have to make a choice about how to spend your writing time, choose your book first. Every. Single. Time. To approach your writing career any other way is a mistake.

— Stephanie Bane, “‘Platforms’ Are Overrated

Note: We share this reading recommendation with our entire readership, but the ideas and suggestions here are targeted to authors, writers, and even NaNoWriMo participants whose primary goal is book publishing.

In our Recommended Reading series, we’ve focused on book recommendations, but I wanted to highlight a recent article in Creative Nonfiction by Stephanie Bane, “‘Platforms’ Are Overrated,” which might be of interest to authors, self-publishers, and professional writers working on books and long-term projects. The piece resonated with me because ultimately, it asks writers to evaluate where they invest and how they budget their time, and I think this is worth thinking about, no matter your goals and reasons for blogging.

View original post 670 more words

Thoughts of a Freshman

For the past few days, our university’s confession page, The PUP Confessions, has been making noise in Facebook. Mainly because of the confessions sent by various students from different colleges and branches. What’s so unique about these posts that made the PUP community cause an uproar online?

Well because of the complaints. No, not the complaints to the page nor to the university. Complaints about how stressed those students are. How their course is harder than that of others. How it’s hard to attain a high grade while others just seem to relax and yet have good grades. That they barely have enough time to sleep because of the handful works their professors give them.

I get that. I get that they’re stressed, that they barely have time to do anything else. But why do they have to complain? Complaining. Whining. I’m sorry if it might offend anyone but that’s how I see their “confessions”.

Can’t they just ignore what other people say and just do what they have to do? I mean, they chose that course. That’s what they wanted. Can’t they stand up for it and just prove other people wrong from their speculations without saying a word? And don’t you dare tell me that not everyone in their own course is happy. I KNOW. Okay? I know that some of them are in those courses because their parents wanted them to be there, or because they ran out of slot to be in the course they wanted.

I know that the confession page isn’t, in anyway, affiliated to the university itself but the confessions mirror the students that go there. And it isn’t exactly what I expected it to be. I always thought that people would be nicer. I know judging is wrong, and that people are kind in a way. But from my observations, everyone also has their own demon too. What do I know? I’m still a freshman after all.

PS. I’m not sure what this post has come to but I hope it made sense.

DFC @ 26: A Better Church for Our Better Tomorrow

Earlier today, Doulos For Christ World Harvest celebrated it’s 26th Anniversary at Cuneta Astrodome, Pasay City. The event was attended by an estimated 15,000 Doulosians from different parts of the Metro. Some even came all the way from Bulacan.

There was a countdown before the event officially started and when it ended, everyone was clapping and shouting because of their excitement. The Music Ministry and Cryogenix gave crowd-pleasing production with their impressive instrument-playing skills, eargasmic voices and energetic dance moves. Some even went on the dancefloor to sing, dance, and jump to the songs. While those who remained on their sits sang and clapped along. When the first worship song started playing, everyone had their hands up to give praise to the Lord. You can feel the power of their faith and love as they sing along. The intensity of their passion to serve God could be felt and can definitely give you goosebumps if it’s your first time to attend such gathering.

After the production, everyone went back to their sits as Pastor Geraldine Ballano awarded some leaders from different ministries for setting a great example in serving the Lord and also for guiding their disciples. The J12 Kids had their own little production. They recited the verse Psalm 23 while wearing various cute costumes. Some were dressed as sheeps, flowers, a girl was dressed like a sun and a boy was dressed like a shepherd.

After the J12 Kids’ presentation, Pastor Abraham Biangco, who came from Virginia, gave a preach about giving. Everyone was shocked when he spoke in Filipino because we all thought that since he came from Virginia, he would speak in full English. Pastor Abraham preached about how giving everything you’ve got to the Lord can make your life easier. That if you accept Him and believe in Him whole-heartedly, He will bless you. Een if the only thing you have left is a small piece of bread, you offer it to Him and He will give you a lot more in return.

After Pastor Abraham’s preach, greetings from pastors around the globe whom Bishop Oriel had interacted with were played. After the greetings, Bishop Oriel talked about how far DFC had gone. From 200 Doulosians in 1988 to 15,000 Doulosians today, and still growing. How little ways can make a big difference in the future. He then preached about what it takes to build a church. He said that what we need are people who are strong enough and are willing to do anything to serve. That we have to be a better person today to become a better church tomorrow.

The Bishop Oriel and his family were given gifts to thank them for their dedication to serve the Lord and to spread His word to the people specially the youth. Everyone raised their hands towards the Ballano Family to pray and give thanks for their life.

Truly, nothing is impossible to God. He uses people to be His instrument to change another person, then perhaps the nation and possible the entire world.

Ordinary Turned Traumatic

So today was sort of like any other day. The fact that I went to school eventhough today was supposed to be my rest day, my classmates and I sort of got stranded at 7/11 because of the heavy rain and the gutter-deep flood. It was fun and all until I reached the city near my house (“near” because I don’t live in that city).

The gutter-deep flood caused heavy traffic on the highway. When the jeepney I was on got through the traffic and was waiting for the stoplight to turn green, there’s this taxi that was going tremendously fast, passed the jeepney, hit a Revo and hit and dragged a guy on a bicycle. This may sound cliché, but what I saw was like a scene from a movie. The passengers beside me where talking about what they just saw and I was just…. dumbfounded.

I can’t hear the song going through my earphones nor can I see the people on the street. My eyes were fixed on the Revo and my ears to the other passengers. I finally came to my senses when I saw someone running to the taxi that stopped a few meters from the stoplight.

From my point of view, the passenger and the driver of the Revo seemed to be unconcious but other than that, I think they’re alright. As our jeepney approached the taxi, bystanders were trying to lift the taxi because the guy that got dragged was underneath it. I can see the panic and worry in their eyes. I felt my face went pale as the passenger in front of me say that the guy might be dead. The traffic enforcer who ran after the taxi driver said that the driver got away. According to the enforcer, the driver has a gun and no one dared to stop him and he even hi-jacked a motorcycle.

Everything happened way too fast. I can’t believe it. I feel sorry for the guy that got dragged and I hope that he’s going to be okay.

As I type this, I’m trying to think what that guy’s life was. Is he married and have children? What kind of job does he have? What kind of person is he? Was he an achiever or an average person?

We don’t really know what will happen to us. We have to be careful, whenever and wherever. Just stay safe.