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Being a Mom


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Being a mother is easy but being a mom? That’s another story. Being a mom is a 24-hour job with no pay, no breaks, no day-offs and no holidays. It’s waking up earlier than everyone else to prepare their breakfast and iron clothes for their children and spouses. Being left for by the rest of the day to run some errands or clean the house while taking care of their baby. They are the last ones to sleep at night, and have that same routine until they can’t anymore.

It’s stressful and hard, but they keep on being a mom. Because if they won’t do it, not everyone else will. But we often forget these things and take them for granted, thinking that our lives, as teenagers, are way harder. We don’t realize that maybe they wanted that last piece of cake, or that they just wanted to know what’s happening in our lives.

Every time they see us cry over a boy or girl, their hearts break into a million pieces. Every time we get hurt, they feel the pain a thousand more times. If they could take our place so that we won’t ever get hurt, they would. Even if they seem to be annoying or being a nagger at times, just keep in mind that they just want the best for us.

So to all the moms out there, this is your special day. Take this day to enjoy yourselves and relax. Pamper yourselves and forget that laundry just for today. Happy Mother’s Day super moms! 🙂


Just an update

I’ve been feeling really lazy for the past few days because I have nothing to do. That’s the main reason why I don’t update much but I’m trying to fight it. So anyway, I don’t have a topic for today so I’ll just leave this thing I did moments ago. I don’t know what this work is but I’m pretty sure it’s not a poem. I hope you guys like it.


8 Things To Do On Your Teenage Years

As a teenager, there are so many things that can distract us from our destination. Here are the 8 things – that helps me as well –  to keep your eyes from distraction and get to the right track. 

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Is anything too hard for the Lord? Dreams are the language of God as Paulo Coelho said on his bestselling book, The Alchemist. Don’t just dream, but dream as gigantic as you can. Dreaming big will allow you to stretch your capabilities and push yourself to the limit. And if the Lord sees how genuine your heart towards your dreams, He will help you fulfill your gigantic dreams. Just always remember that fulfilling your dreams is not an overnight process; it is a slowly stream combination of perseverance, hard work, and positive outlook in life. 


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Time to be a BETTER YOU

Everyone loves the new year. The time when they can start fresh and make new year’s resolution that most of us can’t finish. But for me, new year isn’t just the time to do better. It is the time TO BE BETTER.

We all made mistakes in the past year or years before, but the coming of a new year inspires people. Inspires them to change for the better and take on the challenges that life has to offer. But the inspiration that some people feel lasts only for a month or two. And it’s just sad to think that they quickly lose the motivation to be a better version of themselves. That may also be the reason why most of us can’t fulfill our new year’s resolution.

What we need is a correct mindset. A mindset that not only motivates us, but can influence other people. The trick is that we need to have a positive outlook, but also keeping in mind the obstacles that will come our way. Keeping that mindset despite the negative things other people throw at you will make you a better and happier person.

If there may come a time that you feel that you can’t resolve a problem or experience unexpected twists and turns, just trust Him. Have faith and always remember that He knows the plans He has for you. The challenges that you will experience will turn you into a better person.

As for your new year’s resolution, don’t list things that you promised to do in the past years. Start from small things. If you want to be fitter, don’t say “I’m going to exercise for 1hour everyday” or “I’ll eat less” because you know to yourself that you can’t. Instead, say that you’ll exercise for 20minutes a day or you’ll eat less unhealthy food. If you want to get good grades, don’t say “I’ll study harder”, but say “I’ll study better”. Some say that studying for 50minutes with a 5-minute break in between is an effective way of studying. Or start a study group. Studying in groups can help you better understand the things you need to learn.

Achieving small things leads to achieving bigger things. And for me, that makes you a better person.

But remember that even if it’s not the start of a new year, you can still make a fresh start. Change is a slow process and if you are determined to be a better version of yourself, you won’t mind how long it will take because in the end, you know it will be worth it.

Have a blessed and prosperous new year everyone!

It’s Christmas Time

Just a few more hours until Christmas. Everyone’s already preparing for Noche Buena which they will spend with their friends and family. Truly, Christmas is the best time to be with your loved ones and be happy. But as the years pass by, it seems like we have forgotten what Christmas is about.

As a tradition in the Philippines, when the -ber months finally kick in everyone starts putting up beautiful Christmas decorations in their homes, buildings and even on the streets. Some would even start going shopping to buy gifts to avoid the holiday rush and heavy traffic. Then, on the 24th of December, everyone will gather with their friends and family to wait for the 25th and start eating the food they have prepared for hours.

But this isn’t what Christmas is. It’s not about the gifts nor food. It’s about spending time with the people you love the most, enjoying their company and just living. But more importantly, Christmas is about remembering the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Without Him there wouldn’t even be Christmas, and we wouldn’t be alive. Okay. The latter may not be true but the former is. We should remember and give thanks for the things He has done and will do for us. The life, blessings and happines He has given us. Christmas is about JESUS CHRIST. Let us celebrate this holiday by spreading the word that Jesus is born and be amazed in His glory.

Have a very Merry Christmas everyone!

Recommended Reading: “Platforms Are Overrated”

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When you have to make a choice about how to spend your writing time, choose your book first. Every. Single. Time. To approach your writing career any other way is a mistake.

— Stephanie Bane, “‘Platforms’ Are Overrated

Note: We share this reading recommendation with our entire readership, but the ideas and suggestions here are targeted to authors, writers, and even NaNoWriMo participants whose primary goal is book publishing.

In our Recommended Reading series, we’ve focused on book recommendations, but I wanted to highlight a recent article in Creative Nonfiction by Stephanie Bane, “‘Platforms’ Are Overrated,” which might be of interest to authors, self-publishers, and professional writers working on books and long-term projects. The piece resonated with me because ultimately, it asks writers to evaluate where they invest and how they budget their time, and I think this is worth thinking about, no matter your goals and reasons for blogging.

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Keeping Safe

Classes in the Philippines have been cancelled for the past two (2) days because of Typhoon Glenda (international name: Rammasun). *Five people were killed and thousands were sent to evacuation centers.

Fortunately, the typhoon did not cause much damage to the country and it will be leaving the Philippines’ are of responsibility. Bad news though, a new typhoon will be coming tomorrow, July 18. What should we expect? It’s the rainy season here in the Philippines anyway. We just need to prepare as much as we can and pray that there would be not much casualties. Wherever you are, stay safe and pray for yourself, your family, your friends and for those who needs it the most.

A lot of “feels”

Did you ever feel so lonely? Not in the way that you’re alone in your house, but in the way that even though there are a lot of people around, you just feel invisible. It’s like when you’re hanging out with your friends but you don’t feel that you’re with them. You feel left out, alone and unseen. That’s how I feel, not all the time though. I show people my true personality and I gained a lot of friends by doing do so. Despite the fact that I have a lot of friends, I still feel alone and I don’t know why. Although I feel like nobody cares about me, I just keep in my mind that my friends and family do. They may not say it, but they show it. Action speaks louder than words anyway. So if you ever feel alone or abandoned or unimportant, just remember that someone somewhere is thinking about you, caring and loving you from afar.