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BloggedIn: ASEAN

The first ASEAN Blogathon was held last November 15, from 1pm to 10pm at A Space Manila. It is a social media-led conference featuring talks about ASEAN Citizenship and engaging users in a Blogathon.

BloggedIn: ASEAN, as stated earlier, is a social media-led conference that gathered 100 young influencers from Manila to hear about the most important and thought-provoking issues surrounding the upcoming ASEAN Integration.

After a series of bite-sized talks, the delegates were given four (4) hours to research, write, and design a blog containing an ASEAN issue they care about.

The winners will be determined by the content of their blogs [50%] and the number of views on their blog [50%].

Learn more about what BloggedIn: ASEAN is about through their Facebook page and website (links are at the bottom).

Of course, I’m not only writing this blog for you to know what BloggedIn: ASEAN is all about. I’m also doing this to promote the entry that came from some Journalism students of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

The representatives are Queenie Vinluan, Sheela Orosa, Nikka Valenzuela, Mary Paulene San Miguel and Ria Consuelo Mendoza also known as TEAM KKIBB. They already won the first criteria, which is the content of their blog. That means they are the FIRST EVER BloggedIn: ASEAN CHAMPIONS. They brought pride to our university and overcame the struggle of competing againts some of the elite schools in the country.

But the contest doesn’t stop there. Since the internet connection on the venue crashed, the delegates were given another week to make their blogs viral. They have until November 23 to do it. So why not make Team KKIBB win all the way, right? You can help Team KKIBB win by simple clicking the link (TEAM KKIBB) below. 1 click = 1 vote

Blogged:In ASEAN website:

BloggedIn: ASEAN Facebook page:



Read If You Dare

It’s Halloween! Everybody’s wearing their costumes, children are trick or treating and some are throwing Halloween parties. But if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t do those kinds of things and would rather stay at home and surf the net, well I have just the perfect thing for you. Just so you won’t lose the spirit of Halloween, I highly recommend you to like Read If You Dare (RIYD) on Facebook. From the title itself, you know that you are going to have the scariest night of your life. Well sort of.

The page posts anything that would make chill ran up your spine. From creepypastas, rituals (I don’t think you should attempt to do those), to things that are weirdly and creepily (is there such a word?) true. It isn’t only active on Halloween but all year round.

It is ran by a Filipina admin who goes by the name “evil.doll” and she addresses her fans as “creeps”. Despite her alias, evil.doll hasn’t done anything illegal or purely evil. She has a job by the day and updates her page at night. There isn’t really anytime for her to do illegal things, is there? Nope. No time at all. And she even anwers to you if you send her a message or tweet.

I’ve been addicted to this page for some time now and I’m still sane. I swear. And I still have my faith despite the things I’ve read here.

So here’s the link for it:

And here’s the Twitter account of the page:

(Note: This may contradict my previous posts but it’s Halloween. This is the perfect time to post this. Just bear with me.)