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Thoughts of a Freshman

For the past few days, our university’s confession page, The PUP Confessions, has been making noise in Facebook. Mainly because of the confessions sent by various students from different colleges and branches. What’s so unique about these posts that made the PUP community cause an uproar online?

Well because of the complaints. No, not the complaints to the page nor to the university. Complaints about how stressed those students are. How their course is harder than that of others. How it’s hard to attain a high grade while others just seem to relax and yet have good grades. That they barely have enough time to sleep because of the handful works their professors give them.

I get that. I get that they’re stressed, that they barely have time to do anything else. But why do they have to complain? Complaining. Whining. I’m sorry if it might offend anyone but that’s how I see their “confessions”.

Can’t they just ignore what other people say and just do what they have to do? I mean, they chose that course. That’s what they wanted. Can’t they stand up for it and just prove other people wrong from their speculations without saying a word? And don’t you dare tell me that not everyone in their own course is happy. I KNOW. Okay? I know that some of them are in those courses because their parents wanted them to be there, or because they ran out of slot to be in the course they wanted.

I know that the confession page isn’t, in anyway, affiliated to the university itself but the confessions mirror the students that go there. And it isn’t exactly what I expected it to be. I always thought that people would be nicer. I know judging is wrong, and that people are kind in a way. But from my observations, everyone also has their own demon too. What do I know? I’m still a freshman after all.

PS. I’m not sure what this post has come to but I hope it made sense.



Obviously this post is all about my rant about a certain topic. Everything stated here are just my opinion and (some) irrational thoughts which, I know , are bad but as of now I really don’t care.

So you know how you feel when you really like something and someone starts liking that thing, then starts stating their “opinion” about it? And that opinion doesn’t make any sense at all because they haven’t even known that thing for a long time and you just feel really pissed off? Well that’s what I’m feeling right now. Let me tell you how it started.

Ever since I was in third year high school, I’ve been a fan of a punk-rock band called All Time Low (I know I’ve said this before but this is an important part of what I’m going to point out). I know a lot of things about them. Then when I was in senior high, I became a fan of Pierce The Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, We Are The In Crowd and many more. I liked them not just because of their music but also because of their personality, and I would defend their name no matter what.

Since I like those bands and almost everything in the punk-rock world, I’m really overprotective about it. I know it’s kind of stupid to care about people who doesn’t even know that you exist but I don’t care. They make me feel alive and happy with their music.

Then there’s this person (whom I shall call Jay) who decided to download songs of those bands. As the die-hard punk-rocker I am, I suggested a band and Jay said “I’m going to be certified rocker”. But there’s this feeling that I don’t want Jay to like those bands. They’re like my secrets. I know it’s selfish but again, I don’t care. Back to the story. So Jay and I had a talk about it and as we were talking, I felt this anger building up inside of me. It’s because of what Jay said. She said “I like ATL better because they sound like The Script” (yes, Jay is a girl). In my head, I’m like “What did you just say? They sound like The Script? Don’t you know that they’re not even in the same genre?”. But of course I didn’t say that out loud because I might offend her. And so a while ago, we had another talk and she said, “I don’t like some of PTV’s songs because I can’t understand them” -(non-verbatim). I explained what their songs meant to her and she understood what I was trying to tell her. But then she went on to rant about Bring Me The Horizon and Suicide Silence. How their songs are impossible to understand and that some of their band art are devilish or something like that. I can’t really remember because at that moment, I was trying to control my temper. (Fact: I get easily mad when you talk crap about the things and people that matter to me). Then I said “Punk bands are so much better than mainstream bands”. That’s my opinion. Jay was like, “But The Script is still my favorite” and again, in my head, I’m like “Yeah. Right. Whatever”. Then she left.

I was really pissed off after that conversation because (1) she listens to those bands then she talks crap about them, (2) she doesn’t even know a bloody thing about them aside from their music and what she sees and (3) I wasn’t even able to rant about what she just said.

I know that I’m also at fault here but “stating your opinion” can sometimes offend other people. Although everyone is entitled to express their opinion doen’t mean you have to give them all the time. It’s better to shut your mouth than to piss off someone.

Let’s Get This Straight

NOTE: This is a rant and I’m sorry if I would state something offensive.

I seriously get pissed off by people who doesn’t know the difference of being a GAY and being a BISEXUAL. A bisexual is someone who is open to have a relationship with either a girl OR a boy while a gay person is someone who is willing to be in a relationship with (only) another GUY.

Why am I affected by this issue? Because some people (specially some girls) claim that if a guy is bisexual, he is already gay and I think that’s really an insulting point of view. Just because a guy is bisexual doesn’t mean there won’t be any chance of him being in a relationship with you or him liking you. THERE’S A CHANCE, OKAY? HE IS NOT GAY. Except if he is already in a relationship with someone else.

But that is not the issue here. The issue is that fine line between a gay and bisexual. Can’t we all just agree that they are extremely different from one another? Because they really are.

Like or Unlike?

While I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed, I came across a post on The UST Files (it’s a confession page made for students of the University of Sto. Tomas or other people who have experienced something in the university or have interacted with its students). “Unbi”, the sender of the post, claims that the page posts corny jokes and nonsense, fake and copied stories. Which were the reasons why he/she did not want to “like” the page and to avoid being flooded by “nonsense” posts on his/her newsfeed. Since some stories of the page were copied, as stated by “Unbi”, a certain Mr. Lumanglas got mad for not giving credits to him.

Mr. Eran Arvonio, one of The UST Files’ admins, answered the post in the comments. He gave thanks to the sender of the post for his/her time to write the his/her response and to answer the post. Mr. Arvonio states that the page indeed post jokes because they have a “Happy Hour”, an hour to post jokes that were sent to them, and also to accomodate the 80k+ people’s wants to avoid any fuss. He also states that the page has an “unfollow” option to avoid the readers’ newsfeeds by being flooded whenever they post something and if they are unhappy, they could simply “unlike” the page.

About the copied or plagarized posts, the page only posts the stories/confessions that are submitted to them through Google forms which are anonymously sent, one reason why they can’t verify if those stories are legit. So, they trust the senders for the originality and authentication of their stories. Mr. Arvonio also apologized to Mr. Lumanglas for not giving credits to him if they post a story without giving proper credits.

The readers expressed their violent reactions in the comments saying that “Unbi” should just unlike the page or that they don’t care whatever he/she says.

As for me, if you don’t like the contents of a page or posts of a person, whether if its on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social networking sites, you should just unfollow, unlike or unfriend them. You don’t need to say rude things because some of them are really sensitive and you could hurt their feelings. You may also start an argument with that person and that is would be a big mistake. Just a friendly reminder.

PS. If you want to read the post, here’s the link:
(it’s in Filipino, by the way so I suggest using Google translate.)

Special thanks to Mr. Eran Arvonio and the other admins of The UST Files for letting me use the post from their respective page.