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My best shot so far


Chachi Gonzales

I just wanna share this awesome shot I took of Chachi Gonzales last Friday (May 29, 2015). If you don’t know who Chachi is, she’s the youngest member of a dance crew named IaMmE, which was the champion of America’s Best Dance Crew Season 6. She recently visited the Philippines to hold a 2-day workshop for aspiring dancers and to judge the Jug Thug World Dance Off here in Manila along side actor and choreographer, Misha Gabriel and the founder of Dance 2 Dance in Switzerland Andrew, Veluz.

How did I get that shot? Well I went to where they held the workshop and luckily found a nice spot to shoot since the place was an open area. To be honest, the picture above surprised me. While Chachi went to the side of the stage (where I was standing but like 10 feet away) to take a quick drink, she looked at my direction and smiled like that. I almost didn’t caught that because when she looked and smiled, my heart just jumped, my knees felt weak and my body just wanted to melt! I’m just happy I summoned enough energy to push the button of my camera. It was my first time to use my camera in public since I just got it like a couple of weeks ago. Anyway, I have like a hundred photos of Chachi, Misha and Andrew but I can’t upload them right now. Mainly because we have slow internet connection. So yeah, that’s pretty much it. I just wanna share this even though this is like the third place I put that picture up.


You are worth it

I used think that I’m the lowest of the low. That I’m at the bottom of the social pyramid or I’m simply not worth it.

I’m not saying this to get anyones attention or pity because if I do, then I should’ve posted pitiful updates when I first started. I’m saying this because I know that a lot of people feels that way.

They feel like nobody cares about them, or they aren’t smart, funny or as good-looking as the people around them. They don’t feel that they are worth anything. As if they were just put here on earth to suffer. And the only way they can cope with this is turning to self-harm, drugs, alcohol or worst, taking their own lives.

What infuriates me the most is that other people are making fun of them because of this. Instead of helping them to be better, they choose to urge them to continue whatever they are doing. Some would even say “go ahead and kill yourself” which is so not cool. What if they did kill themselves? Would that make you feel better? Of course it won’t. It was taken seriously even if you mean it as a joke. SELF-HARM AND SUICIDE JOKES ARE NOT FUNNY.

Anyway, if you’re the kind of person going through this, just remember that YOU ARE WORTH IT. No matter how other people degrades you. Just keep your chin up and ignore all those negative people. If you feel like you want to cut yourself, listen to “Hold On Till May” by Pierce The Veil. Personally, that song makes me happy whenever I feel sad. Just give it a try.

And if you know someone who is going through this, cheer them up. Talk and listen to them. That’s what they need. Someone who would listen to them without feeling a burden. If they start to cry, hold their hand, hug them and tell them that everything’s going to be fine. It just needs time.

If none of that works and you feel like falling down, look up. He’s looking down at you and thinking, “That’s my child. My brave, brave child”. He knows that you can get through that depression because He believes that you are strong. You are His child, and all His children are strong and brave. But if you can’t handle all the pain and problems anymore, surrender them to Him. He will take care of everything. Just believe. Everything will be okay.

8th G12 Philippines National Conference: The Awakening

The 8th G12 Philippines National Conference was held at the World Trade Center, Pasay City on October 29-30. It was a gathering of different churches all over the Philippines that have taken the G12 vision.

Pastors all over the world have come for this event along with their family. Namely:

Pastor Cesar Castellanos and his wife, Pastor Claudia Castellanos from Colombia

Pastor Rich Witmer from Arizona

Pastor Bert Pretorius and his two sons, Pastor Pearson Pretorius and Damian Pretorius from South Africa

Pastor Art Sepulveda from Hawaii

and Pastor Simon Lee from Hawaii.

Pastors from all over the country came, too. Namely:

Bishop Oriel Ballano from Manila

Bishop Felix Labang from Cavite

Bishop Jonathan Sebastian from Quezon City

Bishop Frank Santos from Tarlac

Pastor Carlo Panlilio from Quezon City

Pastor Rafy Panlilio from Caloocan

Pastor Alvin Venzon from Bataan

Pastor Noli Opiniano from Tacloban

Pastor Ruffy Lagat from Davao

Pastor Herly Montes from Davao

and Pastor Nonon Orjaleza from Butuan.

The event was attended by thousands of delegates, both old and young, rich and poor, far and near all for the glory of God.

You can watch the event here:

Know more about the G12 Vision here:

G12 Philippines –

G12 Official –

To God be all the glory!

DFC @ 26: A Better Church for Our Better Tomorrow

Earlier today, Doulos For Christ World Harvest celebrated it’s 26th Anniversary at Cuneta Astrodome, Pasay City. The event was attended by an estimated 15,000 Doulosians from different parts of the Metro. Some even came all the way from Bulacan.

There was a countdown before the event officially started and when it ended, everyone was clapping and shouting because of their excitement. The Music Ministry and Cryogenix gave crowd-pleasing production with their impressive instrument-playing skills, eargasmic voices and energetic dance moves. Some even went on the dancefloor to sing, dance, and jump to the songs. While those who remained on their sits sang and clapped along. When the first worship song started playing, everyone had their hands up to give praise to the Lord. You can feel the power of their faith and love as they sing along. The intensity of their passion to serve God could be felt and can definitely give you goosebumps if it’s your first time to attend such gathering.

After the production, everyone went back to their sits as Pastor Geraldine Ballano awarded some leaders from different ministries for setting a great example in serving the Lord and also for guiding their disciples. The J12 Kids had their own little production. They recited the verse Psalm 23 while wearing various cute costumes. Some were dressed as sheeps, flowers, a girl was dressed like a sun and a boy was dressed like a shepherd.

After the J12 Kids’ presentation, Pastor Abraham Biangco, who came from Virginia, gave a preach about giving. Everyone was shocked when he spoke in Filipino because we all thought that since he came from Virginia, he would speak in full English. Pastor Abraham preached about how giving everything you’ve got to the Lord can make your life easier. That if you accept Him and believe in Him whole-heartedly, He will bless you. Een if the only thing you have left is a small piece of bread, you offer it to Him and He will give you a lot more in return.

After Pastor Abraham’s preach, greetings from pastors around the globe whom Bishop Oriel had interacted with were played. After the greetings, Bishop Oriel talked about how far DFC had gone. From 200 Doulosians in 1988 to 15,000 Doulosians today, and still growing. How little ways can make a big difference in the future. He then preached about what it takes to build a church. He said that what we need are people who are strong enough and are willing to do anything to serve. That we have to be a better person today to become a better church tomorrow.

The Bishop Oriel and his family were given gifts to thank them for their dedication to serve the Lord and to spread His word to the people specially the youth. Everyone raised their hands towards the Ballano Family to pray and give thanks for their life.

Truly, nothing is impossible to God. He uses people to be His instrument to change another person, then perhaps the nation and possible the entire world.

Ordinary Turned Traumatic

So today was sort of like any other day. The fact that I went to school eventhough today was supposed to be my rest day, my classmates and I sort of got stranded at 7/11 because of the heavy rain and the gutter-deep flood. It was fun and all until I reached the city near my house (“near” because I don’t live in that city).

The gutter-deep flood caused heavy traffic on the highway. When the jeepney I was on got through the traffic and was waiting for the stoplight to turn green, there’s this taxi that was going tremendously fast, passed the jeepney, hit a Revo and hit and dragged a guy on a bicycle. This may sound cliché, but what I saw was like a scene from a movie. The passengers beside me where talking about what they just saw and I was just…. dumbfounded.

I can’t hear the song going through my earphones nor can I see the people on the street. My eyes were fixed on the Revo and my ears to the other passengers. I finally came to my senses when I saw someone running to the taxi that stopped a few meters from the stoplight.

From my point of view, the passenger and the driver of the Revo seemed to be unconcious but other than that, I think they’re alright. As our jeepney approached the taxi, bystanders were trying to lift the taxi because the guy that got dragged was underneath it. I can see the panic and worry in their eyes. I felt my face went pale as the passenger in front of me say that the guy might be dead. The traffic enforcer who ran after the taxi driver said that the driver got away. According to the enforcer, the driver has a gun and no one dared to stop him and he even hi-jacked a motorcycle.

Everything happened way too fast. I can’t believe it. I feel sorry for the guy that got dragged and I hope that he’s going to be okay.

As I type this, I’m trying to think what that guy’s life was. Is he married and have children? What kind of job does he have? What kind of person is he? Was he an achiever or an average person?

We don’t really know what will happen to us. We have to be careful, whenever and wherever. Just stay safe.

Bookworm in the making

I’ve been reading a few books recently. I’ve finished Paper Towns by John Green, If I Stay by Gayle Forman, and now I’m half-way through Where She Went by Gayle Forman (a sequel to If I Stay).

I’m becoming a bookworm because 1. books are awesome 2. my blockmates are such great influence and 3. my mind seeks for stories. Although our midterm exams are just 2 weeks away, I can’t help myself from reading things that are not related to any of my subjects. It’s like I’d rather read a 16-part novel than read a single chapter of our lesson. But then again, my studies are important so I’ll start reviewing after I finished reading Where She Went. If you haven’t read any of the books mentioned, you should. They’re great. You can also suggest books that you’ve read and I promise to read them when I’m free.

Traffic Thoughts

All of us have experienced being in a traffic. Some may be more often than the other. It’s really a pain specially if you’re an impatient person or you have to go somewhere as soon as possible. There are a lot of bad things about being in a traffic but I can give you one good thing about it.

Yes, ONE GOOD THING about traffic. It can give you the time to think about things specially if you’re the kind of person living in the fast lane. A person whose routine is the same every single day, whose gotten so busy about his work or studies that he forgot about what is happening around him. Traffic is just a short span of time (or not) and in that time, we can’t really do anything else except to wait for the traffic to start moving again.

I just really want to share what I think about during traffic. Some of them are the things that I worry about, specifically about my future. Will I be a successful journalist? Where will I work? What will I be doing? Those are the things I think of and they make me really anxious. And I can tell you that it is not a good feeling.

But there are times when my mind just drifts off somewhere then I would find myself smiling like a weirdo. Admit it, this has happened to you too.

Of course there are times that I imagine things like a perfect love story or a tragic tale of two friends or some magical adventure in the great unknown. You may say that they are childish or way too cliché but when I make up a story, I put some epic plot twist to spice up the flow. Unfortunately, I only make those stories during traffic and after that, I forgot what I made up. One of the reasons why I have never finished making up a story. That and the fact that I have a lot of ideas popping in my head that would make the story more confusing than it should it be.

So there it is, some of my traffic thoughts. I have a lot more but it will take me forever to explain them all. You can also share your own traffic thoughts in the comment section below or you can tell me what you think about this post.


We all know that we have to spend our time wisely, but do we really do that? Maybe most of us do but there may be a big part of our society that doesn’t.

Let’s do an activity for a little bit. Get a piece of paper and a pen. Divide the paper into three (3) columns. On the first column, write your daily routine, starting when you wake up until going to bed. Then on the second column, write the things that you were supposed to do (may it be yesterday, last night, today or last week). On the last column, write the things that you want to do. Finished? Good.

Look at the first column. It is said that the thing/s you spend most of your time on is what you love to do the most or what is the most important thing to you. So, what are the things you spend most of your time on? Is it spending time with family/friends? Studying? Or just relaxing?

Let’s go to the second column. Those are the things that you were supposed to do but didn’t have the chance to do it. Why? Were you busy? Did you forgot about it? Perhaps there wasn’t enough time? We’ll see.

But first, let’s move on to the third column. Those are the things that you want to do. Will/can you do it? Do you have enough time to do it?

Let’s say you’re a student. One day contains 24hours and in that 24hours, you sleep for 8hours and go to school for 8hours (except on summer/holiday vacation, of course) so you already spent 16hours of your day. Let’s say you travel from your house to school for 30minutes and vice versa. That’s already 17hours. The remaining 7hours is spent on doing your homeworks, hanging out with your friends and bonding with your family. Let’s say 2hours for each of them. Were you able to do all the things you need to do? What about those things on the second and third column? Were you able to do them? Now, you have 1hour left of your day. What do you do with it?

Think about it. What is missing here? God. Yes. God is missing in this equation. We have 1hour left of our day to spend with God but most of us don’t lay it out with Him. I’m not saying that we should spend that one whole hour with Him, I’m saying that even for just a little while, we talk to Him. Thank Him for all the blessings that He has given unto us and that He will give. Specially the time to do everything we need to do.

Time is constant. We cannot change how long a day can go but if we are disciplined enough, we’ll know how to manipulate time and make something productive out of it. But we should always remember to give atleast a little time to relax and a time to breath.

PS. This post was inspired by a conversation that I had with a friend earlier. (Hi Ate Jen!)

Genre Dilemma

I listen to punk-rock music since I was in junior high until now. All Time Low, Pierce The Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, We Are The In Crowd and Paramore are some of the bands I listen to. I love them so much, not just because of their music but also because of their personality.

Sure they curse a lot, they take pictures of themselves witny artist or band is loved by their fans for different reasons. Maybe it’s the way their music calms you down or the way their smile melts your heart or simply because their childish behaviors put a smile on your face.

I admit, I used to bash on other artists like Justin Bieber and One Direction because a part of the fandom does it. But I found that hating them doesn’t make me a better person nor does it make my favorites bands any better them. I knew what it felt like when someone says something bad about the bands I love. It made me angry, disgusted and I got hurt. So I stopped hating on those artists.

“Stop bashing on what you hate and start spreading what you love” – I read this somewhere but I couldn’t remember.

Getting Started

This is my second time to make a blog. The first one was for educational purposes while this one is for my opinions (or rants) about the current issues happening. I hope the people who would come across my site would keep on reading my posts. I’ll post about two to three times a week since I’m still studying.