Being a Mom


Photo is not mine

Being a mother is easy but being a mom? That’s another story. Being a mom is a 24-hour job with no pay, no breaks, no day-offs and no holidays. It’s waking up earlier than everyone else to prepare their breakfast and iron clothes for their children and spouses. Being left for by the rest of the day to run some errands or clean the house while taking care of their baby. They are the last ones to sleep at night, and have that same routine until they can’t anymore.

It’s stressful and hard, but they keep on being a mom. Because if they won’t do it, not everyone else will. But we often forget these things and take them for granted, thinking that our lives, as teenagers, are way harder. We don’t realize that maybe they wanted that last piece of cake, or that they just wanted to know what’s happening in our lives.

Every time they see us cry over a boy or girl, their hearts break into a million pieces. Every time we get hurt, they feel the pain a thousand more times. If they could take our place so that we won’t ever get hurt, they would. Even if they seem to be annoying or being a nagger at times, just keep in mind that they just want the best for us.

So to all the moms out there, this is your special day. Take this day to enjoy yourselves and relax. Pamper yourselves and forget that laundry just for today. Happy Mother’s Day super moms! 🙂


About anjelicaibuyan

An aspiring PUPian journalist from Pasig City, Philippines.

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