Thoughts of a Freshman

For the past few days, our university’s confession page, The PUP Confessions, has been making noise in Facebook. Mainly because of the confessions sent by various students from different colleges and branches. What’s so unique about these posts that made the PUP community cause an uproar online?

Well because of the complaints. No, not the complaints to the page nor to the university. Complaints about how stressed those students are. How their course is harder than that of others. How it’s hard to attain a high grade while others just seem to relax and yet have good grades. That they barely have enough time to sleep because of the handful works their professors give them.

I get that. I get that they’re stressed, that they barely have time to do anything else. But why do they have to complain? Complaining. Whining. I’m sorry if it might offend anyone but that’s how I see their “confessions”.

Can’t they just ignore what other people say and just do what they have to do? I mean, they chose that course. That’s what they wanted. Can’t they stand up for it and just prove other people wrong from their speculations without saying a word? And don’t you dare tell me that not everyone in their own course is happy. I KNOW. Okay? I know that some of them are in those courses because their parents wanted them to be there, or because they ran out of slot to be in the course they wanted.

I know that the confession page isn’t, in anyway, affiliated to the university itself but the confessions mirror the students that go there. And it isn’t exactly what I expected it to be. I always thought that people would be nicer. I know judging is wrong, and that people are kind in a way. But from my observations, everyone also has their own demon too. What do I know? I’m still a freshman after all.

PS. I’m not sure what this post has come to but I hope it made sense.


About anjelicaibuyan

An aspiring PUPian journalist from Pasig City, Philippines.

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