DFC @ 26: A Better Church for Our Better Tomorrow

Earlier today, Doulos For Christ World Harvest celebrated it’s 26th Anniversary at Cuneta Astrodome, Pasay City. The event was attended by an estimated 15,000 Doulosians from different parts of the Metro. Some even came all the way from Bulacan.

There was a countdown before the event officially started and when it ended, everyone was clapping and shouting because of their excitement. The Music Ministry and Cryogenix gave crowd-pleasing production with their impressive instrument-playing skills, eargasmic voices and energetic dance moves. Some even went on the dancefloor to sing, dance, and jump to the songs. While those who remained on their sits sang and clapped along. When the first worship song started playing, everyone had their hands up to give praise to the Lord. You can feel the power of their faith and love as they sing along. The intensity of their passion to serve God could be felt and can definitely give you goosebumps if it’s your first time to attend such gathering.

After the production, everyone went back to their sits as Pastor Geraldine Ballano awarded some leaders from different ministries for setting a great example in serving the Lord and also for guiding their disciples. The J12 Kids had their own little production. They recited the verse Psalm 23 while wearing various cute costumes. Some were dressed as sheeps, flowers, a girl was dressed like a sun and a boy was dressed like a shepherd.

After the J12 Kids’ presentation, Pastor Abraham Biangco, who came from Virginia, gave a preach about giving. Everyone was shocked when he spoke in Filipino because we all thought that since he came from Virginia, he would speak in full English. Pastor Abraham preached about how giving everything you’ve got to the Lord can make your life easier. That if you accept Him and believe in Him whole-heartedly, He will bless you. Een if the only thing you have left is a small piece of bread, you offer it to Him and He will give you a lot more in return.

After Pastor Abraham’s preach, greetings from pastors around the globe whom Bishop Oriel had interacted with were played. After the greetings, Bishop Oriel talked about how far DFC had gone. From 200 Doulosians in 1988 to 15,000 Doulosians today, and still growing. How little ways can make a big difference in the future. He then preached about what it takes to build a church. He said that what we need are people who are strong enough and are willing to do anything to serve. That we have to be a better person today to become a better church tomorrow.

The Bishop Oriel and his family were given gifts to thank them for their dedication to serve the Lord and to spread His word to the people specially the youth. Everyone raised their hands towards the Ballano Family to pray and give thanks for their life.

Truly, nothing is impossible to God. He uses people to be His instrument to change another person, then perhaps the nation and possible the entire world.


About anjelicaibuyan

An aspiring PUPian journalist from Pasig City, Philippines.

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