Traffic Thoughts

All of us have experienced being in a traffic. Some may be more often than the other. It’s really a pain specially if you’re an impatient person or you have to go somewhere as soon as possible. There are a lot of bad things about being in a traffic but I can give you one good thing about it.

Yes, ONE GOOD THING about traffic. It can give you the time to think about things specially if you’re the kind of person living in the fast lane. A person whose routine is the same every single day, whose gotten so busy about his work or studies that he forgot about what is happening around him. Traffic is just a short span of time (or not) and in that time, we can’t really do anything else except to wait for the traffic to start moving again.

I just really want to share what I think about during traffic. Some of them are the things that I worry about, specifically about my future. Will I be a successful journalist? Where will I work? What will I be doing? Those are the things I think of and they make me really anxious. And I can tell you that it is not a good feeling.

But there are times when my mind just drifts off somewhere then I would find myself smiling like a weirdo. Admit it, this has happened to you too.

Of course there are times that I imagine things like a perfect love story or a tragic tale of two friends or some magical adventure in the great unknown. You may say that they are childish or way too cliché but when I make up a story, I put some epic plot twist to spice up the flow. Unfortunately, I only make those stories during traffic and after that, I forgot what I made up. One of the reasons why I have never finished making up a story. That and the fact that I have a lot of ideas popping in my head that would make the story more confusing than it should it be.

So there it is, some of my traffic thoughts. I have a lot more but it will take me forever to explain them all. You can also share your own traffic thoughts in the comment section below or you can tell me what you think about this post.


About anjelicaibuyan

An aspiring PUPian journalist from Pasig City, Philippines.

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