We all know that we have to spend our time wisely, but do we really do that? Maybe most of us do but there may be a big part of our society that doesn’t.

Let’s do an activity for a little bit. Get a piece of paper and a pen. Divide the paper into three (3) columns. On the first column, write your daily routine, starting when you wake up until going to bed. Then on the second column, write the things that you were supposed to do (may it be yesterday, last night, today or last week). On the last column, write the things that you want to do. Finished? Good.

Look at the first column. It is said that the thing/s you spend most of your time on is what you love to do the most or what is the most important thing to you. So, what are the things you spend most of your time on? Is it spending time with family/friends? Studying? Or just relaxing?

Let’s go to the second column. Those are the things that you were supposed to do but didn’t have the chance to do it. Why? Were you busy? Did you forgot about it? Perhaps there wasn’t enough time? We’ll see.

But first, let’s move on to the third column. Those are the things that you want to do. Will/can you do it? Do you have enough time to do it?

Let’s say you’re a student. One day contains 24hours and in that 24hours, you sleep for 8hours and go to school for 8hours (except on summer/holiday vacation, of course) so you already spent 16hours of your day. Let’s say you travel from your house to school for 30minutes and vice versa. That’s already 17hours. The remaining 7hours is spent on doing your homeworks, hanging out with your friends and bonding with your family. Let’s say 2hours for each of them. Were you able to do all the things you need to do? What about those things on the second and third column? Were you able to do them? Now, you have 1hour left of your day. What do you do with it?

Think about it. What is missing here? God. Yes. God is missing in this equation. We have 1hour left of our day to spend with God but most of us don’t lay it out with Him. I’m not saying that we should spend that one whole hour with Him, I’m saying that even for just a little while, we talk to Him. Thank Him for all the blessings that He has given unto us and that He will give. Specially the time to do everything we need to do.

Time is constant. We cannot change how long a day can go but if we are disciplined enough, we’ll know how to manipulate time and make something productive out of it. But we should always remember to give atleast a little time to relax and a time to breath.

PS. This post was inspired by a conversation that I had with a friend earlier. (Hi Ate Jen!)


About anjelicaibuyan

An aspiring PUPian journalist from Pasig City, Philippines.

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