My best shot so far


Chachi Gonzales

I just wanna share this awesome shot I took of Chachi Gonzales last Friday (May 29, 2015). If you don’t know who Chachi is, she’s the youngest member of a dance crew named IaMmE, which was the champion of America’s Best Dance Crew Season 6. She recently visited the Philippines to hold a 2-day workshop for aspiring dancers and to judge the Jug Thug World Dance Off here in Manila along side actor and choreographer, Misha Gabriel and the founder of Dance 2 Dance in Switzerland Andrew, Veluz.

How did I get that shot? Well I went to where they held the workshop and luckily found a nice spot to shoot since the place was an open area. To be honest, the picture above surprised me. While Chachi went to the side of the stage (where I was standing but like 10 feet away) to take a quick drink, she looked at my direction and smiled like that. I almost didn’t caught that because when she looked and smiled, my heart just jumped, my knees felt weak and my body just wanted to melt! I’m just happy I summoned enough energy to push the button of my camera. It was my first time to use my camera in public since I just got it like a couple of weeks ago. Anyway, I have like a hundred photos of Chachi, Misha and Andrew but I can’t upload them right now. Mainly because we have slow internet connection. So yeah, that’s pretty much it. I just wanna share this even though this is like the third place I put that picture up.


Paper and Pen


You’re paper and I’m pen

I tried to fill you in with words I longed to say

Words that wouldn’t mean a thing if said to someone else

But you have five more pages

And I’m running out of ink

Being a Mom


Photo is not mine

Being a mother is easy but being a mom? That’s another story. Being a mom is a 24-hour job with no pay, no breaks, no day-offs and no holidays. It’s waking up earlier than everyone else to prepare their breakfast and iron clothes for their children and spouses. Being left for by the rest of the day to run some errands or clean the house while taking care of their baby. They are the last ones to sleep at night, and have that same routine until they can’t anymore.

It’s stressful and hard, but they keep on being a mom. Because if they won’t do it, not everyone else will. But we often forget these things and take them for granted, thinking that our lives, as teenagers, are way harder. We don’t realize that maybe they wanted that last piece of cake, or that they just wanted to know what’s happening in our lives.

Every time they see us cry over a boy or girl, their hearts break into a million pieces. Every time we get hurt, they feel the pain a thousand more times. If they could take our place so that we won’t ever get hurt, they would. Even if they seem to be annoying or being a nagger at times, just keep in mind that they just want the best for us.

So to all the moms out there, this is your special day. Take this day to enjoy yourselves and relax. Pamper yourselves and forget that laundry just for today. Happy Mother’s Day super moms! 🙂


The thought of you keeps me awake every night
Your presence haunts me in my dreams
Your smile reminds me of the first day of summer
Your eyes are like the sun’s light during spring
Touch as gentle as the winds of autumn
And hair as dark as winter’s nights

Every feature and every curve of yours is painted in my mind
You’ve vandalized my heart with your name
And sprayed my life with the colors of your laugh
But then again, you’re a mystery waiting to be solved
A puzzle waiting to be whole
And a treasure, waiting to be unearthed

Just an update

I’ve been feeling really lazy for the past few days because I have nothing to do. That’s the main reason why I don’t update much but I’m trying to fight it. So anyway, I don’t have a topic for today so I’ll just leave this thing I did moments ago. I don’t know what this work is but I’m pretty sure it’s not a poem. I hope you guys like it.


Take me to Neverland

Remember those times when you wake up and all you have to think about is what kind of episode your favorite cartoon will be or what kind of game you’re going to play? I miss those times. I miss being a kid. Not having to think about a lot of things nor having to beat a deadline for school requirements. I miss going to sleep and not worrying what I’m going to do the next day. Not worrying about anything at all. But I just took for granted of those times.

When I was younger, I wanted to grow up so bad just to do everything I wanted. Buy all the ice cream I want or toys that I wanted to play with. I didn’t know that growing up means having a lot of responsibilities. I thought adults were living the dream, wasting money for the things that will make them temporarily happy. But I was dead wrong. The older you get, the more responsibilities you have. Life will throw more work and obstacles at you and if you aren’t prepared for that, you’re done. I’m just a college freshman and here I am, complaining how hard life is. I don’t know if it’s because I feel so drained or because I’m just scared. Scared of all the responsibilities.

There comes a time when I just wanted to stop. Stop doing everything, stop thinking and yeah, stop existing. I just want to rest and be peaceful and not having to catch up with how fast life is going. I don’t have any choice nor say in this and all I can do is complain and whine. And that frustrates me to the core. I feel pressured and confused but I don’t want anybody to know that. Because I know that other people’s lives are harder and they have it worse, and that depresses me.

I don’t mind growing old but growing up is a different story. I’m so afraid of commitments and responsibilities that I try to avoid them as much as I could. But they keep following me. They are inevitable. I just want to feel alive and young. I don’t want to grow up now. I don’t think I’m ready for all of this. Someone please take me to Neverland.

Love, Rosie


Not mine

Warning: May contain spoilers

So last night, my sister, my nephew and I watched Love, Rosie. I was waiting for months to watch that movie and you can just imagine the joy I was feeling when we were inside the cinema.

The movie was supposed to premier last December (in the Philippines) but apparently there were some problems. And even if it did premiered then, it won’t be long until they stopped showing the movie because of the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) which is held annually on December.

But enough about that. Even if I’m not good at reviewing movies, mainly because I don’t want to offend or upset anyone, I’ll try on this one.

The story’s plot revolves around Rosie Dunne (Lily Collins) and Alex Stewart (Sam Claflin). Rosie and Alex’s friendship since childhood and how complicated it is to be best friends with the opposite sex. We already know that boy-girl best friends exist and that it’s impossible that neither one of them falls for the other. That’s mainly the plot of the story. But what differentiates this one is that it just doesn’t focus on that situation. It also shows the struggle of being a single teenage parent when Rosie got pregnant by Greg (Christian Cooke) and the importance of being honest with your best friend even if you have feelings for him/her.

If I were to compare the movie to the book, I would not be satisfied. But if I see the movie as it is, I’m completely satisfied. They emphasized the importance of having someone to be there for you and that you should always ALWAYS tell them the truth. Whether if it’s about your feelings for them or your problems. Because even if you messed up a lot of times, they will always see you as the person they know and love. And you should really tell the person you like/love how you feel about him/her than torturing yourself with constant what ifs. Don’t wait until they find another one and get married before you say how you feel. You’ll never know. Maybe they feel the same about you and is just scared of telling because it mighy ruin your friendship with them. But if they don’t feel the same way about you, at least you know. You can always give each other space and move on. Maybe by then, you can still be friends.

I’ll probably give the movie a 4.5/5

Something’s Gotta Give


All Time Low‘s new single, Something’s Gotta Give which is part of their upcoming album entitled Future Hearts, came out yesterday and it’s music video was released a few hours ago. If you’ve been reading or a follower of my blog, you already know that I’m a HUGE fan of ATL. If not, well now you know. Anyway the single kinda reminds of their old song, Therapy. But the new one is more upbeat and lively while Therapy is slower and you can really feel the emotion there.

imageThe photo above contains some of Therapy’s lyrics. It tells us that even if people look so happy, they are not. They’re just pretending. The word “therapy” refers to someone or something that depresses the person even more than helping him. But that’s how I understand the song.


I couldn’t find any fan art for this since it was released recently so I just took a screenshot. Sorry for the quality


And this one are some of the lyrics from Something’s Gotta Give. This one tells us that the person can’t handle whatever he’s going through and is asking for someone’s help to “pull him out from the shadow of his doubt”.

Both songs tell us the struggle of being from misery and depression and that we can’t do it alone. Even if we try to, it will be hard and along the way, we know that we need someone who could help us.


I don’t know what the true meaning of Something’s Gotta Give yet and what I said earlier is my understanding of the song. Guess we’ll have to wait to what Alex will say about it.

PS. To know more about All Time Low and listen to Therapy and Something’s Gotta Give, just click the highlighted parts above.

You are worth it

I used think that I’m the lowest of the low. That I’m at the bottom of the social pyramid or I’m simply not worth it.

I’m not saying this to get anyones attention or pity because if I do, then I should’ve posted pitiful updates when I first started. I’m saying this because I know that a lot of people feels that way.

They feel like nobody cares about them, or they aren’t smart, funny or as good-looking as the people around them. They don’t feel that they are worth anything. As if they were just put here on earth to suffer. And the only way they can cope with this is turning to self-harm, drugs, alcohol or worst, taking their own lives.

What infuriates me the most is that other people are making fun of them because of this. Instead of helping them to be better, they choose to urge them to continue whatever they are doing. Some would even say “go ahead and kill yourself” which is so not cool. What if they did kill themselves? Would that make you feel better? Of course it won’t. It was taken seriously even if you mean it as a joke. SELF-HARM AND SUICIDE JOKES ARE NOT FUNNY.

Anyway, if you’re the kind of person going through this, just remember that YOU ARE WORTH IT. No matter how other people degrades you. Just keep your chin up and ignore all those negative people. If you feel like you want to cut yourself, listen to “Hold On Till May” by Pierce The Veil. Personally, that song makes me happy whenever I feel sad. Just give it a try.

And if you know someone who is going through this, cheer them up. Talk and listen to them. That’s what they need. Someone who would listen to them without feeling a burden. If they start to cry, hold their hand, hug them and tell them that everything’s going to be fine. It just needs time.

If none of that works and you feel like falling down, look up. He’s looking down at you and thinking, “That’s my child. My brave, brave child”. He knows that you can get through that depression because He believes that you are strong. You are His child, and all His children are strong and brave. But if you can’t handle all the pain and problems anymore, surrender them to Him. He will take care of everything. Just believe. Everything will be okay.

8 Things To Do On Your Teenage Years

As a teenager, there are so many things that can distract us from our destination. Here are the 8 things – that helps me as well –  to keep your eyes from distraction and get to the right track. 

Disclaimer: I do not own the photo.


Is anything too hard for the Lord? Dreams are the language of God as Paulo Coelho said on his bestselling book, The Alchemist. Don’t just dream, but dream as gigantic as you can. Dreaming big will allow you to stretch your capabilities and push yourself to the limit. And if the Lord sees how genuine your heart towards your dreams, He will help you fulfill your gigantic dreams. Just always remember that fulfilling your dreams is not an overnight process; it is a slowly stream combination of perseverance, hard work, and positive outlook in life. 


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